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Crane Sentry

Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Test Crane Installation Update

By September 28, 2021No Comments

It is with great excitement that Laser-View Technologies announces that just this past weekend, the next major stage of our motion motorized test crane was installed and made operational.

Previously, this used to be a manual gantry crane. But by retrofitting motorized end trucks from Harrington Hoists, a trolley tractor drive, and a new VFD panel from Power Electronics, this crane runs smoothly along the rails that we installed.

Special thanks to our industry friends Chris Hamrick of Protek Crane and John Stelman of Mazzella for their tech support and encouragement on this project. We appreciate your ongoing partnership and collaboration.

Next step…install Crane Sentry® Family of Products to make the crane complete!

Interested in reading more about our Crane Sentry products? Contact Laser-View Technologies to learn more.