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Laser-View Technologies Is Featured In Hoist Magazine’s “In the Driver’s Seat”

By September 9, 2022No Comments
hoist monitoring system

Mazzella and Laser-View Technologies partnered on a hoist monitoring system that mitigates side pulling.

Laser-View Technologies was featured in Hoist Magazine’s “In the Driver’s Seat.” The article discusses how manufacturers are experiencing a recent increase in production demands. This demand is making them realize the crucial role that overhead cranes play in the production process. In order to maximize efficiency and profitability, companies are looking to make it easier and safer to operate these cranes. The more they invest in anti-collision safety efforts, the more they’re experiencing an increase in uptime, productivity, and overall revenue.

In addition, the article highlights the work Laser-View Technologies has done with Mazzella to develop a hoist monitoring system. The Crane Sentry® Hoist Side Pull system helps operators detect and prevent side pulling on wire rope hoists or chain hoists.

Side pulling in any direction poses a huge safety risk as a load swings to equalize balance. Some risks include:

  • Personnel injury from a load shift or load swing
  • Damage to equipment nearby as a result of load swing
  • Damage to the hoist, resulting in unsafe equipment conditions

Later in the article, Kenneth Wright, Mazzella’s Vice President, explains that younger operators tend to run overhead cranes like a computer console game. Without understanding the true safety risks involved with operating this type of equipment, they can create dangerous hazards to personnel, equipment, and machinery.

With that in mind, companies are investing in other systems like no-fly zone systems to further automate their overhead cranes. These allow operators to identify areas where cranes shouldn’t travel. That way they can keep them from colliding with buildings, presses, machines, and other equipment.

Steven Lubeck, President of Laser-View Technologies, presents another reason why companies should consider investing in their overhead crane safety:

“One of the things that happen in facilities such as automotive plants is people rotate in and out of different departments. An operator may work on a different crane and may not know how the machine will react. Similarly, the worker may lack the training required to operate a particular machine and may not realize the crane is unable to stop on a dime.”

By investing in systems that detect hoist-side pull and create no-fly zones, companies can improve their overhead crane efficiency and reliability. Many are finding that an investment like this ultimately means an investment in productivity and profitability. Companies like Laser-View Technologies are at the forefront of these developments and will continue to help improve safety and reliability.

To learn more about the Crane Sentry® family of products, contact Laser-View Technologies today.