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Laser-View Technologies Featured in April 2022 Edition of Iron & Steel Technology

By March 28, 2022March 30th, 2022No Comments

Laser-View Technologies has written the Safety First Article for the April 2022 edition of Iron & Steel Technology: Overhead Crane No-Fly Zones Minimize Collisions With Machinery and Structures When Operators Are Distracted.

Our article discusses the increase of collisions between cranes and obstacles, specifically when using overhead traveling (EOT) cranes. It examines how crane controls have recently migrated from pendant to wireless radio–type controls which has contributed to the frequency and probability of collisions.

It then discusses how the use of a restricted zoning system can improve safety, reliability, and productivity by preventing collisions:

  • Safety: Minimize collision minded safety concerns.
  • Reliability: Reduce the probability of damage to crane and production equipment.
  • Productivity: Better defined movement paths promote productivity.

By investing in a reliable restricted zoning system, steel producers can help create a safer environment for operators and end-users alike.

Interested in a system like this? Contact us at Laser-View Technologies for additional information or visit our product page to learn more about our Crane Sentry® Zone Manager Series.