Laser-View Technologies was recently mentioned in a Modern Materials Handling article written by Chris Lewis, Founder and Owner of Innovative Written Solutions. The article titled Vertical Stockpicker Manufacturer Employs Tilt Switches talks about a U.S.-based manufacturer of vertical stock pickers and a challenge they were running into with their stockpicker equipment. They were trying to figure out a way to limit mass extension when their vehicles weren’t on level ground. They determined that a mast can only be extended to a certain height safely when its vehicle is on an incline greater than 2 to 3 degrees.

Up until this point, the lift manufacturer had been employing mechanical pendulum style tilt switches. These types of sensors present a few setbacks:

  • They are often slow to react
  • They can be prone to false alarms
    • They are typically preset with limits

The measurement of lift trucks’ inclination under static conditions is not the same as under dynamic conditions. In addition, the physics incurred with sudden acceleration or deceleration, in combination with fast turns, can cause a false alarm.

In an attempt to solve this issue, the manufacturer decided to employ a non-contact, DIS Sensors, tilt switch from Laser-View Technologies. This style sensor is based on a solid state MEMS accelerometer chip, has a footprint of 1.6 x 1.6 inches, and is housed in a rugged sealed housing. The entire unit is fully potted and sealed against environmental ingress.

Laser-View Technologies worked with the manufacturer to determine the optimal settings and mounting location on the base of the stockpicker. Once enabled, the manufacturer was able to improve safety, enhance function, and solve the initial challenge they were facing. Success stories like these make us proud to be DIS Sensors’ North America distributor.

To learn more about how DIS Sensors tilt switches can help you improve safety, contact Laser-View Technologies for more information.

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