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Limit Overhead Crane Access to Water Jet and Plasma Cutting Machines in Metal Service Centers

By June 27, 2024No Comments

In metal service centers, overhead cranes play a crucial role in positioning plates and bars on water jet and plasma cutting machines. These machines are designed for efficiency, allowing operators to set up one production job on one half of the machine while a machine gantry operates on the other.

However, this dual-operation capability introduces the risk of accidental interference between the crane and the machine, which can lead to equipment damage or operator injury.

Laser-View Technologies offers a robust solution to this challenge with Crane Sentry®. These systems allow end-users to create No-Fly Zones on each half of the cutting machine.

By leveraging wireless I/O communication, the machine head and the overhead crane can interface with each other to ensure the crane only operates in the area not actively cutting. This not only safeguards operators and equipment but also maintains an efficient workflow without causing delays.

The Crane Sentry® systems can be easily adapted to multiple machines, offering a scalable solution for metal service centers looking to enhance safety and efficiency. By implementing this system, companies can minimize the risk of accidents and optimize their production processes.

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