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Crane Sentry® Lite

Crane Sentry® Lite Overhead Crane Collision Detection

Prevent unsafe crane-to-crane, crane-to-end-stop, and crane-to-wall collisions with our most economical solution for basic overhead crane monitoring.

What does Crane Sentry® Lite do?

Crane Sentry® Lite provides an unprecedented level of basic protection from collisions from EOT cranes. It is our entry-level product that senses crane-to-crane, crane to end stop, and crane to wall. We challenge the norm by providing superior functionality, reliability, and ease of installation in a cost-effective package.

This solution provides basic monitoring for up to 164 ft. Crane Sentry® Lite is a measurement device and not a proximity sensor, so you can reliably detect distance between cranes by entering the value numerically.

This system accepts up to (2) laser distance sensors that can be configured to monitor minimum or maximum distance conditions.

Typical monitoring applications:

  • Crane-to-Crane
  • Crane-to-end-stop
  • Crane-to-wall
  • Trolley-end-stops
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Crane Sentry® Lite Key Advantages Over Competition:

  • No reflector required for operation
  • Visible red eye-safe laser spot
  • Ability to back away from near crane or wall in high speed with optional relays
  • Built-in error handling algorithm identifies an error from an out of range condition

What They’re Saying

“I had been looking for a foolproof system for anti-collision systems regarding cranes, up until I found out about Laser-View’s systems. They, by far, are the best on the market that I have been involved with.

The accuracy is outstanding. The installation is very simple and user friendly. I would recommend these systems to anyone looking for good results and a quality product.”

-Dave Robetoy, Sales Representative for Star Crane & Hoist in Saginaw, MI