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Dimetix Laser Distance Sensors Monitor Mining Equipment Machine Health

By July 20, 2020No Comments

mining industry machine health monitoring The environmental conditions for machines in the mining industry are often very harsh and damaged equipment can result in decreased productivity and profits. Laser-View Technologies’ Dimetix laser distance sensors offer a non-contact solution for machine health monitoring of mining equipment and machines in hazardous areas.

Processing equipment in mining operations often includes machinery that separates, mixes, and pulverizes minerals. Much of this heavy equipment is based on rotating barrel and systems of connected radial and thrust bearings. Being under harsh conditional and handling multiple ton loads, this equipment requires regular monitoring and maintenance to minimize downtime and avoid accidents.

Early identification of equipment failure can help to prevent a disastrous event. For example, the image featured above shows an agglomerator that we helped a customer equip several years ago at a copper mine in Arizona. The barrel includes an outer thrust ring and mating thrust bearings. When the bearings began to wear too heavily, the entire drum would shift laterally. This would eventually lead to equipment failure and an unsafe condition.

Our Dimetix laser distance sensors were mounted to either side of the barrel aimed at the thrust bearing surface. The outputs from each laser were monitored via an analog signal to the machine’s control system. A remote alarm was sent if too much movement was detected. Regular health monitoring helps to manage equipment health reliability and decrease the risk of injuries.

long distance laserNon-Contact Monitoring Solution for Mining Equipment

Dimetix laser distance sensors are rugged, accurate, cost-effective, and easily integrated into most customers’ control systems. These lasers are the ideal choice for monitoring relative positions in industrial and mining equipment. The Dimetix D-series laser distance sensor from Laser-View Technologies provides the best position sensors to achieve the following key characteristics:

  • Small spot size: Approximately 0.15” spot size close to laser; grows to only about 2” size at 100m
  • Extended temperature ranges from -40 to +60 C available
  • Up to 500m measuring range
  • Up to 1mm absolute accuracy over entire range, independent of color, texture, and actual distance
  • Fast measurements up to 250 Hz with 1 kHz output

Variety of outputs:

  • Built in standard: RS232, RS485/422, SSI encoder, analog, digital I/O
  • Optional: Ethernet IP, Profinet, EtherCat available integrated to the sensor make integration Allen Bradley and Siemens controllers simple

Full line of accessories:

  • NEMA 4X & explosion rated enclosures
  • Mounting brackets
  • Cabling
  • Displays and process meters

Interested in learning more about Dimetix laser distance sensors machine health monitoring solutions? Click here to contact Laser-View Technologies.