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Material Handling

Material Handling Systems

Title: ASRS Shuttle Positioning Solution

Description: Dimetix D-Series laser distance sensors are the ideal choice for ASRS shuttle positioning. Their long-range, measuring abilities, small spot size, and multiple industrial outputs commonly used on ASRS shuttles offer efficient positioning solutions.

Overhead Material Handling

Title: Position & Collision Monitoring in Tennessee Auto Manufacturing

Description: Laser-View Technologies provided a Crane Sentry® position and collision monitoring system to Konecranes for installation on an overhead crane at an auto manufacturing facility in Tennessee. The Crane Sentry® system supports two lasers per controller, has warning, slow, and stop relay outputs and displays live distance readings on the system controller touch screen interface. The system provides active positon and collision monitoring.

material handling

ASRS Positioning Solutions

Title: ASRS Vertical Lift Crane Positioning Solution

Description: In order to work efficiently and safely, multi-level ASRS systems need sensors to indicate height. Dimetix D-Series laser distance sensors are an optimal smart positioning solution for ASRS systems.

ASRS Material Handling Systems

Description: Dimetix lasers can be configured as SSI encoders, eliminating the need for devices with wheel encoders.

Dimetix laser sensors are also well suited for overhead cranes to provide position feedback.

Dimetix laser distance sensors, manufactured by Dimetix AG, are rugged, accurate, and cost effective. Dimetix laser sensors are also well suited for overhead cranes to provide position feedback.

ASRS for Warehousing

Title: Laser Sensors in Material Handling: ASRS for Warehousing

Description: ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems) are becoming more commonplace in the field of intralogistics. Intralogistics involves optimizing, integrating, automating, and managing the logistical flow of material goods within a fulfillment or distribution center.

ASRS shuttles are oftentimes implemented for handling pallets of bulk products in warehouses or inventory containers in distribution centers with multiple storage levels. The definition of an automated storage and retrieval system is an automated or semi-automated system designed specifically for the storage and retrieval of materials without human intervention in the storage of picking process.