The Rota-tally is a non-contact, rotary shaft sensor designed to easily measure shaft rotation and speed. It is field retrofittable to a magnetic shaft mounting (1.5”) with chain mounting.

Designed for harsh environments, the Rota-tally can withstand hazardous conditions and provide measurements in temperatures from -25°C to 80°C. It can be used to measure shaft rotation and speed in various environments including:

  • Paving plants
  • Power generation
  • Conveyor machinery
  • Mobile construction equipment
  • Industrial presses and rolling plants

Additional functions include:

  • All digital measurements
  • Customizable features
  • 1024 pules per revolution
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Magnetic shaft mounting (1.5”) with chain mount

Interested in learning more about the Rota-tally? Contact Laser-View Technologies at [email protected] for more information.