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Laser-View Technologies Measures Silo Salt Level Using a Dimetix Laser Sensor

By January 13, 2022No Comments

salt-silo-to-be-measured-with-dimetix-laser-sensorOne of our customers recently needed help determining a way to monitor salt levels within a silo. To solve this problem, we provided them with several preconfigured Dimetix laser sensors for monitoring these levels.

We ran a test locally first to make sure the laser was configured correctly before shipping it to the customer. We tested how well the laser could measure the level of salt in a bucket and found it to be a spot-on reading.

This was a relatively easy problem for us to solve since Dimetix laser sensors are easy to configure. You can use a simple PC application for this type of configuration. It’s also easy to set the analog 4-20 mA output.

By working with us, the client was able to easily resolve their problem and experience quality customer service in the process.

If you’re running into a design challenge of your own, let us know about it and we’ll find a way to help. Contact Laser-View Technologies today for more information.