Dimetix D-series laser distance sensors are the ideal choice in the metals industry for size, position and process monitoring applications. Dimetix D-series laser distance sensors are suitable for a variety of applications commonly found in steel production, foundries, and metals processing facilities.

These laser sensors have the range, accuracy, and speed to monitor position and motion of guided transfer cars carrying massive loads in a busy steel production environment. Properly integrated, they are also rugged enough to withstand the dust and environmental extremes of a typical steel production facility containing furnaces and various types of transfer mechanisms.

Laser-View Technologies has supplied many sensors to steel mills for transfer car positioning, billet size, level control, and crane position. Molten aluminum can be easily measured with the lasers, as well as red hot steel coming down the caster line.

Coil diameter, level control, and cutoff length are just a few of the applications that we commonly see in the metals processing side of the industry.

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