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Overhead Cranes

Title: Position & Collision Monitoring in Tennessee Auto Manufacturing

Description: Laser-View Technologies provided a Crane Sentry® position and anti-collision monitoring system to Konecranes for installation on an overhead crane at an auto manufacturing facility in Tennessee. The Crane Sentry® system supports two lasers per controller, has warning, slow, and stop relay outputs and displays live distance readings on the system controller touch screen interface. The system provides active positon and collision monitoring.

Title: Monitor overhead crane position and load in a multi bay shared column configuration

Description:  A special model of our Crane Sentry® has been installed to maintain safe distance between groups of cranes on parallel bays with shared columns. Both the position of the bridge and load on the crane are taken into consideration.

Title: Manage permitted travel areas of overhead cranes in a metal stamping facility

Description: Crane Sentry® can be use used to control the position of a hoist on an overhead crane in a metal stamping facility to keep operators from lifting dies and coils in an unsafe manner over areas where personnel or machinery co-exist.

Crane Sentry® Wire Rope Hoist Side Pull Detection

Title:  Hoist Side Pull Detection for Overhead Crane Safety

Description: Side Pulling in industrial applications has inherent risks. It can cause damage to the hoist, injury to personnel, and/or damage to nearby equipment. Laser-View Technologies offers 3 models as complete retro-fit kits and for use on new equipment.

Title: The Dangers of Side Pulling

Description: Hoists are often improperly used by lifting a load in a manner that that is not vertical. This is known as side pulling, or side loading, and can create an unsafe condition for an operator. Improper use of a hoist due to side pulling poses a significant risk to operators and jeopardizes the reliability and uptime of the hoist. Injuries from side load events have resulted in serious injury and even death.

A majority of crane mounted hoists are not equipped with side pull protection. To increase crane safety and productivity, Laser-View Technologies offers a range of Crane Sentry® products that address this hazard on new and existing hoists.

Title: No-Fly Zone Overhead Crane Protection At GM Manufacturing

Description: Laser-View Technologies created the Crane Sentry® Zone Manager product line based on a special request by Konecranes 5 years ago at General Motor’s Springhill, TN facility. This product’s humble beginnings now is a polished and highly functional product hailed as a solution to challenging restricted no-fly zone needs.

Title: Why Choose Dimetix Laser Distance Sensors for Overhead Crane Position Sensing?

Description: The biggest names in the overhead crane industry have made the switch to Dimetix laser distance sensors as a key component in crane positioning applications. As a crane position sensor, they offer highly accurate and adjustable non-contact measurements.

Title: How To Make Your Overhead Crane Safer

Description: Laser-View Technologies President, Steven Lubeck, joins host Ben Hanks on the first episode of the Safety First podcast. They discuss how the use of non-contact measurement solutions is making the overhead crane industry safer.