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Paper Production

Title:  Diameter and Width in Paper Mill

Description: Dimetix laser distance sensors are the ideal proven choice for roll diameter and width monitoring applications in paper and textile mills. The sensors have the range and accuracy to measure a variety of roll sizes as production moves through the mill without adjustment and without contact. The lasers are maintenance free and provide a reliable, repeatable, and cost effective alternative to string potentiometers, transducers, ultrasonic sensors, and manual tape measure readings.

paper roll inside a paper mill

Title: Loop Control

Description: Laser sensors can measure the depth of the loop from a far distance to maintain optimal loop/tension control.

Title:  Using a Laser Sensor Around Paper Dust

Description: A paper mill that has been using Dimetix lasers for several years asked Laser-View Technologies to provide a means of using a Dimetix laser sensor as a sheet break detector inside their drying oven, in which paper dust is present. We sent them an air purge jet assembly that bolts onto our popular 000928 series s/s windowed laser enclosure.