Crane Sentry® Junior

The Crane Sentry® Jr. model is manufactured and marketed by Laser-View Technologies for anti collision detection and zone control in 1 axis. Typical usages for the Crane Sentry® are to detect bridge-to-wall and bridge-to-bridge collisions. This is an entry level product. Crane Sentry® is designed and manufactured in the USA and utilizes laser distance sensors.

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Competitive Advantages

  • This is a MEASURING system, not a PROXIMITY device
  • Competitive difference:  You see what you are measuring- no guesswork!
  • Manufactured in USA by Laser-View Technologies using long range laser distance sensors
  • Modular, easily configurable;  teachable color touchscreen display
  • Economical approach to monitoring crane position, detecting potential collisions, and controlling zone activity.
  • Monitor bays up to 1640 ft long
  • Simple integration with your drive via our built in relay outputs

What does a Crane Sentry® Jr. do?

This is our entry level product, which shares some of the same unique features and usability characteristics of the Original Crane Sentry®.

  • Crane to Crane – collision detection
    • Increases workplace safety as an anti collision sensor for cranes
    • Provide up 6 programmable relay outputs for functions like slow and stop
  • Crane to Wall – collision detection
    • Combine with crane to crane protection to detect end stops
  • This unit accepts up to (2) laser distance sensors that can be configured to monitor several user selectable conditions with up to (6) programmable outputs
  • 164 ft  (50m) measuring range

Crane Sentry® Jr. package

Crane Sentry® Jr. model Laser Anti-Collision Monitor controller

  • Connects to up to (2) laser distance sensors
  • Simple and intuitive color touchscreen controls show set point and live readings
  • Program set points with simple TEACH button or key in values
  • (6) Mechanical relay alarm outputs with (3) settable distance alarms (collision monitoring) per laser
  • 110 VAC/220 VAC single phase power required;  control box self-powers the connected laser sensors
  • Polycarbonate wall mount sealed enclosure with clear window

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Laser distance sensor

  • Measures .05-50 m (164 ft) on natural surfaces
  • 3 Hz. max measurement rate
  • +/-3 mm accuracy
  • Class II laser for safe use
  • 24 VDC powered from crane sentry® controller
  • IP65 environmental rating
  • Our most compact, yet rugged package with a single M12 Euro style industrial connector
  • -10 to +50°C operating temperature
  • Includes lase cabling and mounting bracket
Core features Core benefits
Complete modular system supports up to 2 lasers Quick aim & set installation, versatile application
Simple color touchscreen data entry & display Intuitive operation, simple troubleshooting
Rugged industrial package Low maintenance
IP 65/66 polycarbonate windowed enclosure Indoor/outdoor operation
Non-contact class 2 laser distance sensor Accurate, long range, eye safe, competitive cost

Available operating modes:

Typical Specifications
Max number of lasers 2 2 2
Detection Crane to wall, crane to crane Crane to wall, crane to crane,
Skew, Zone control in 1 axis
Zone management in 2 axis
Best Accuracy < 1 inch 0.125 inch 0.125 inch
Max distance 164 ft (50m) 1640 ft (500m) 1640 ft (500m)
Operating temperature -10…+50°C -10…+50°C -10…+50°C
Degree of protection IP65 IP65 IP65
Power supply 110 VAC 110 VAC 110 VAC


Connection M12 for lasers M12 for lasers M12 for lasers
Number of Relay contacts 8, 6 are programmable by user 8, 6 are programmable by user 8 preset
Relay contact type 8A, NO/NC 8A, NO/NC 8A, NO/NC
User Interface Color touchscreen Color touchscreen Color touchscreen