Crane Sentry® Zone Manager – Injection Molding Package

The Crane Sentry® Zone Manager – Injection Molding package can be configured to monitor restricted zones around injection molding machines and any robot arms that extend above the injection mold. The system can be used to improve anti-collision efforts as it is designed to signal operators when a crane is approaching too close to the injection mold.

Crane Sentry 500px

Competitive Advantages

  • This unit accepts up to (2) laser distance sensors
  • Each sensor can be configured to monitor several user selected conditions with up to 10 programmable outputs
  • Advanced zone control for up to 4 machines per unit
  • Up to 1640 ft / 500 meter measuring range when equipped with our target plate

What Does a Crane Sentry® Zone Manager – Injection Molding Package Do?

This Crane Sentry® product is designed to help keep robot arms and cranes from colliding with each other. Oftentimes, facilities with low overhead clearance have many “cells,” or clusters, of workstations equipped with expensive load/unload robots that are packed into the available space as efficiently as possible.

To help ensure overhead cranes don’t collide with the workstations, a combination of a Crane Sentry® controller and a master wireless communication gateway with multiple remote interfaces can be used to monitor these zones. This can help ensure that the cranes above don’t collide with the arms extending from each workstation.