Crane Sentry® Zone Manager Series

The Crane Sentry® Zone Manager Series models are manufactured and marketed by Laser-View Technologies for crane collision detection and zone control in 2 axis. Typical usages for the Crane Sentry® are to detect restricted zones in 2 axis.

By adding this model to your existing cranes, you can get access to zone management and add to your anti-collision safety efforts. Crane Sentry® is designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Competitive Advantages

  • This is a MEASURING system, not a PROXIMITY device:
  • Competitive difference: You see what you are measuring- no guesswork!
  • Manufactured in USA by Laser-View Technologies using long range laser distance sensors
  • Modular, easily configurable; teachable color touch screen display
  • Economical approach to monitoring crane position, detecting potential collisions, and controlling zone activity.
  • Monitor bays up to 1640 ft long
  • Simple integration with your drive via our built in relay outputs

Crane Sentry® Zone Manager II

  • Restricted zoning/no fly zones
  • Dedicated relay outputs for bridge and trolley motion; slow and stop
  • I/O communications with machinery and processes below in the crane bay
  • Allow for up to 8 restricted zones
  • Considered a “field mod” for crane dealers, as it is easily retrofitted to existing cranes
  • Remote access capability from a smartphone or tablet (optional) in addition to the physical controller built-in on board

What They’re Saying

“The programming features are by far the easiest I’ve seen for this type of system.

Our customer immediately saw the value in the system and placed one on each crane that operates in close proximity to their presses. All in all I think it’s the best system on the market if you need zone management on your crane!”

Chris Hamrick, CEO of Protek Crane Solutions LLC

Crane Sentry Zone Manager

Crane Sentry® Zone Manager Package

  • Zone Control- 2 axis
    • Detect rectangular areas, such as machines or in plant offices
    • 8 relay outputs output to bridge and trolley controls to alert the motor drive of proximity

Crane Sentry® Zone Manager controller

    • Connects up to (3) laser distance sensors
    • Simple and intuitive color touch screen controls show set point and live readings
    • Program set points with simple TEACH button or key in values
    • (8) Mechanical NO/NC relay outputs (8A)
      • Bridge fwd
      • Bridge rev
      • Trolley left
      • Trolley right
      • Bridge fwd slow
      • Bridge rev slow
      • Trolley fwd slow
      • Trolley rev slow
    • Available operating modes:
      • Zone controls (lock out crane activity in a zone) for up to (8) configurable zones
        • Advanced zone control boxing of a safe zone (uses 2 laser axis inputs)
    • 110 VAC/220 VAC single phase power required;  control box self-powers the connected laser sensors
    • Polycarbonate wall mount sealed enclosure with clear window
Core features Core benefits
Complete modular system supports up to 3 lasers Quick aim & set installation, versatile application
Simple color touchscreen data entry & display Intuitive operation, simple troubleshooting
Rugged industrial package Low maintenance
IP 65/66 polycarbonate windowed enclosure Indoor/outdoor operation
Non-contact class 3 laser distance sensor Accurate, long range, eye safe, competitive cost

Available operating modes:

Typical Specifications
Number of lasers 2 3
Detection Detect up to 1 rectangular zone Detect up to 8 rectangular zones
Best Accuracy 3mm (.125 in.) 3mm (.125 in.)
Max distance 1640 ft (500m) 1640 ft (500m)
Operating temperature -10…+50°C/-40…+60°C properly equipped -10…+50°C /-40…+60°C
Degree of protection IP65 IP65
Power supply 110 VAC 110 VAC


Connection M12 for lasers M12 for lasers
Number of Relay contacts 8 8
Relay contact type 8A, NO/NC 8A, NO/NC
User Interface Color touchscreen Color touchscreen