DIS Rotary Encoder

DIS Non-Contact Encoder Line

Our non-contact encoders, also known as shaftless or no-shaft encoders, are used to offer angular position data and to determine rotary speed and direction.

DIS  offers several versions of encoders. Within each version, several part numbers exist.  DIS offers an online configurator to assist with part number selection.

Address industrial position, size, and level measurement challenges.

DIS ROTARY ENCODERS measure rotational position with no contact and are truly completely sealed. Our sensors do not require any shaft coupling. Our sensors are based on the Hall Effect principle and address a need for simple, economical, and non-contact rotary sensing in OEM applications and for machine automation.

DIS rotary encoders consist of a sensing head and a magnet.

Each sensors is packaged with a neodymium magnet with distinct North Pole marking. We also offer a variety of magnets to fit your application as options.

DIS Sensors are rugged, accurate, cost effective, and are easily integrated into most customers’ control systems with their many output options, including Analog and incremental pulse outputs. DIS Sensors has been providing sensors to industry for the past 25 years around the globe and has a focus on the construction vehicle market.

We maintain USA inventory to provide you with quick delivery on certain standard products and offer a full line of accessories that help you integrate the sensors into your applications with minimal effort and searching for the right components.

  • Typical applications:
    • Angular position – use in place of resolvers or potentiometers
    • Used to determine rotary speed and direction

Specifications Overview

  • Accuracy to 1° typically / 1024 pulses
  • Range through 360°
  • Variety of outputs
  • Analog
  • A/B pulse
  • Rugged sealed IP67 housings; thermoplastic
  • Completely contactless encoding- does not require the shaft to be coupled to the encoder

How We Compare to Competition

We offer many sensors to meet a variety of requirements and price points.

  • Great for equipment OEM:  competitively priced
  • Small footprint with full potting
  • IP67 ratings
  • CE and UL ratings
  • Extended temperature ranges from -40 to +85°C available
  • Outdoor and Indoor use
  • Variety of outputs
    • Analog, Incremental

Our encoders measure through 360 degrees of rotation and are used in many industries and product categories, including the following:

  • Agricultural machinery, excavators, mobile and fixed waste compacters, valve control, robotics
  • Mobile equipment
    • Agricultural Machinery
    • Excavators
    • Waste compactors
    • Garbage trucks
  • Materials handling
    • Upenders
    • Crane lifting equipment
  • Machine automation
    • Alternative to traditional encoders and potentiometers
    • Robotic arms
    • Retrofit process machinery with speed detection on shafts and conveyor drives
  • Process industries
    • Flow valve control

DIS-Sensors offers an easy to use product selector/configurator that will help you narrow down and compare several sensor models and will provide specific data sheets on demand.

Sensor Type QR30 QR30N QR40EMN
Typical Specifications
Encoder type Incremental Absolute Absolute
Measuring range 1 axis  90°,  180°,  360°  90°,  180°,  360°  90°,  180°,  360°
Max gap sensor to magnet 2 mm 7 mm 10 mm
Best Accuracy resolution ±1° ±1°
Best Resolution 1024 PPR 1024 PPR 1024 PPR
Max rotational  speed 30,000 RPM 30 RPM 30 RPM
Operating temperature -25…+85°C -25…+85°C -40…+85°C
Degree of protection IP67 IP67 IP67
Power supply 10…30 VDC 10…30 VDC 10…30 VDC
Housing material  plastic  plastic  plastic
Dimensions 30x30x15 mm 30x30x15 mm 40x40x17 mm
Certification CE CE CE, UL
Functional Safety n/a n/a full redundant models available


Connection cable cable M12 connection
Analog output n/a 4…20 mA, 0-5 VDC 4…20 mA, 0-5 VDC
Incremental output A/B pulse push pull N/A N/A