ProMat 2019 debut of Dynamic Inclinometer by DIS-SensorsAt ProMat 2019, attendees will discover the latest industry solutions that will boost their business ahead of the pack. Naturally, this is the perfect place for Laser-View Technologies to reveal our newest technology: the Dynamic Inclinometer by DIS Sensors.

The new Dynamic Inclinometer provides enhancements to their standard inclinometers, making this new product better suited for applications involving accelerations from movement or vibration.

A standard MEMS inclinometer is based on acceleration measurement, so the inclination reading inherently suffers from the accelerations caused by movements or vibrations. The Dynamic Inclinometer aims to reduce this acceleration-sensitivity significantly by using internal gyroscopes.

DIS-Sensors’ new line of Dynamic Inclinometers will provide the following performance benefits:

  • Stable angle measurements in motion without external filtering
  • True angle measurement in conditions involving vibration
  • Accurate measurement in the presence of strong acceleration forces
  • Intelligent sensor algorithm, configurable by user
  • Sensor includes shock compensation, vibration suppression, dynamic effect reduction, and centrifugal force reduction

This new series of Dynamic Inclinometers is scheduled for release in 2019. We can’t wait to introduce them to attendees at ProMat 2019.

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