Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Zone Manager is well known in the overhead crane industry for protecting machine work centers and in-plant buildings from interacting with a crane’s hoist.

Areas of the facility within a crane runway are often areas of higher pedestrian traffic or material handling forklift traffic. Our Crane Sentry® Zone Manager is a very flexible system and a not so well known feature is its ability to make automatic crane slow zones.

The standard Zone Manager can protect up to 8 no-fly zones and each restricted area can be individually overridden. A user can intentionally configure an area, such as an aisle way, as a restricted zone and set this zone to operate in SLOW speed when overridden. This zone can then be permanently overridden with a wire jumper, yet always force the overhead bridge and trolley to operate in SLOW speed only. This is one more example of how Crane Sentry® adds to a facility’s safety program.

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