Crane Sentry Dual Trolley 2D No-Fly Zone SystemThis past week, Laser-View Technologies assisted a technician as they installed our new Crane Sentry® Dual Trolley 2D No-Fly Zone System on a new crane. The technician was interested in this system because the trolley hoist can be independently positioned to be kept from interfering with equipment and structures.

What made this installation unique is that we provided 100% remote assistance as the technician worked on-site to install the crane.

The ability to provide remote assistance sets Laser-View Technologies apart from the competition. With remote capabilities, we’re able to provide end-users with help and support wherever they are without having to visit them on-site.

Interested in experiencing this type of support with your overhead crane systems? Contact Laser-View Technologies to discuss which Crane Sentry system would best suit your needs.