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Safe Overhead Crane Operations in Metal Service Centers

By June 17, 2020July 24th, 2020No Comments

overhead crane girder runwaysMetal service centers depend on overhead cranes to safely move large loads. They typically frequently use overhead cranes in handling metal plate, bar, tube, and rod products that are cut to length and prepared for a customer order. Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Lite offers a solution. It can be used as an overhead crane anti collision sensor to improve crane safety and detect overhead crane collisions at metal service centers.

Due to the wide variety of product that most service centers handle, there are typically multiple cranes on each runway. These cranes will travel the full length of a facility frequently.

When preparing orders, the cranes can be operated at higher speeds with multiple operators working in a common area, making crane collisions more likely.

Crane collisions can cause an unsafe condition and can damage a crane and related equipment. Crane collision monitoring, aka anti collision, is an easy means of avoiding this kind of accident. With reliable distance detection, Crane Sentry® Lite provides a superior level of collision monitoring.

We offer a single laser for crane-to-crane protection or a dual laser version for crane-to-crane on either side of a middle crane. For additional coverage, you can add crane-to-wall protection. Crane Sentry® Lite does not need a special reflector target!

Interested in learning more about our Crane Sentry® solutions for safe overhead crane operations? Click here to contact Laser-View Technologies.