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SIL1 Safety-Rated Tilt Switch Available Through Laser-View Technologies

By June 3, 2024No Comments

Automated machinery often includes safety doors, guards, and paddles that hinge open to access. If the safety flap hinges in the vertical plane, DIS Sensors’ SIL1 safety-rated, tilt switch might be a good solution.

The QG40N tilt switch can be mounted directly to the flap instead of using a traditional micro switch or proximity sensor. The sensor can be easily zeroed, and the permissible angle can be tailored to each machine application. The sensor’s SIL1 rating makes meeting a SIL safety requirement simpler.

When a piece of equipment is approaching unsafe operating limits, the tilt switch will trigger an output. This could include actions like:

  • Activating an alarm
  • Restricting speed/direction of movement

Interested in learning more? Contact Laser-View Technologies for additional information.