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Simple Saw Cut-off System Uses Dimetix Non-Contact Laser Distance Sensor

By September 27, 2022No Comments

Many production facilities, such as metals service centers, use cut-off saws to cut each customer’s order to length. The cut-to-length process typically involves tape measures and jogging the saw’s conveyor feed. But an easier alternative is to use a Dimetix non-contact laser distance sensor.

To cut-off large lengths of bar material, operators can fix a laser sensor at the end of the take-off table. The sensor is zeroed on the saw blade and a control system that accounts for the kerf (or saw blade thickness loss).

This enables each length to be automatically measured as it is fed out past the saw. Oftentimes, a target (such as a magnetic sheet) can be placed on the end of the bundle of material to assist as a larger solid target. This makes the measurement process even more efficient.

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