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Stainless Steel Enclosure Assembly: P/N 000928

By August 20, 2018January 2nd, 2019No Comments

Heavy industry is not gentle on equipment; hard use comes with the territory. Machinery ranging from mammoth overhead cranes and costly metal stamping presses down to precision sensors, fasteners, and electronic components all see their fair share of hard use and sometimes, of abuse. In many cases, the most effective way to protect sensitive equipment, process sensors, and instrumentation is to deploy them far from harm’s way. Because this isn’t always practical, however, consideration should be given to enclosures that can protect vital instrumentation, even in the harshest environments and conditions, to reduce or eliminate costly downtime and production stoppages.


The Laser-View Technologies harsh environment enclosure (P/N 000928) is custom designed to protect Dimetix D series laser distance sensors from typical industrial use, even in harsh conditions and extreme environments.

Enclosure  –  316 S/S windowed
enclosure (white powder coated or brushed stainless) with M12 power /data connections and breather valve.

Access Panel  –  316 S/S gasketed
access panel is secured in place with 4 metric socket-head cap screws.

Heater/Cooling/Insulation (options) –  Thermostat-controlled options located inside the enclosure keep the laser within operational temperature range and addresses condensation and/or ice accumulation.

Lens Enclosure The laser is isolated behind its own cover and window. This window is housed in the lens enclosure and can be replaced if damaged.

Dust Tube (option) – An optional dust tube helps keep the enclosure window free of dust and debris and dramatically reduces the possibility of interference by direct, bright sunlight.

Laser – Custom engineered for any Dimetix D series laser (sold separately or as component in P/N 000936 assembly). Options vary; specifications available upon request.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Powder Coat Gloss White or Brushed Stainless
  • M12 Connections, Power and Data
  • Field Replaceable Glass Window
  • Optional Insulation
  • Optional Heating/Cooling
  • Optional Dust Tube Reduces Dust/Effect of Direct, Bright Sunlight

Please download the full product brief or call us at 610-497-8910 today to discuss the 000928 enclosure assembly or the 000936 enclosure assembly (with prewired laser).