Laser-View Technologies’ Dimetix D-Series laser distance sensors have the range, accuracy, and speed to monitor position and motion of guided transfer cars carrying massive loads in a busy production environment. Properly integrated, they are rugged enough to withstand dust and environmental extremes.

Laser-View Technologies has used Dimetix D-Series laser distance sensors extensively in steel mills for a variety of applications such as:

  • Transfer car position
  • Slab width and thickness
  • Coil diameter
  • Loop control

As investments in USA Metal Processing Facilities continue in 2020, Laser-View Technologies is prepared to support equipment producers with advanced, rugged, and cost-effective laser distance sensors. We maintain an inventory of all models in our headquarters in Pennsylvania, and if needed, can be a complete supplier of an overall package that includes sensors, enclosures, cables, and brackets to handle the most rigorous applications.

Dimetix D-Series lasers make integration simple with the implementation of industrial Ethernet protocols:

  • Ethernet IP
  • Profinet
  • Ethercat

Interested in learning more about Dimetix D-series laser sensors? Contact Laser-View here.