On Day 1 of AISTech 2022, Laser-View Technologies’ President, Steven Lubeck, spoke about how to detect unsafe lifting practices on wire rope hoists.

A wire rope hoist on an overhead crane is an important tool. They are intended for vertical use but unfortunately, they are too often misused.

Side loading, or side pulling, is when a hoist lifts a load on an angle. This presents a safety risk for operators ‌as well as‌ ‌equipment and it can lead to downtime and loss of productivity. Operators and equipment suffer as a result.

In Steves’s presentation, he discusses solutions to this problem through the use of Crane Sentry® Wire Rope Hoist Side Pull system. It is capable of detecting excessive side pull on a wire rope hoist or chain hoist and can be used to alert the operator of the condition or disable functions.

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