We’ve got the perfect gift in mind for your crane this holiday season: Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Advanced Wire Rope Hoist Monitoring package! Not only is it the perfect gift for your overhead crane but it’s also a great idea for any crane operator!

The features on an Advanced Wire Rope Hoist Monitoring package include:

  • Side Pull Detection
  • Snag Detection
  • Hoist Centering
  • Slack Rope Detection

By detecting excessive side pull on a wire rope hoist or chain hoist, this system can help keep end-users safe. Injury is possible if the load shifts once it is lifted from its resting place on the floor or a staging fixture. Equipment nearby can also be damaged once the load shifts after it’s lifted.

The usage of hoists for lifting loads in industrial applications has inherent risk. By using the Crane Sentry® Advanced Wire Rope Hoist Monitoring package, operators can know they have a reliable solution to improve safety precautions.

Order your gift today or contact Laser-View Technologies to learn more.