We often get requests for solutions to challenges that are not addressable with any of our standard Crane Sentry® products. PHD Crane Systems approached us recently with a series of challenges, one of which involves zoning out an area of the crane span in order to de-rate load capacity on one side of the span.

They also required sensor redundancy for added safety. Laser-View Technologies responded with a modified version of our new Crane Sentry® Zone Manager II.

Instead of equipping the crane with a laser for the bridge axis and a laser for the trolley axis, we supplied 2 lasers along the trolley axis for redundancy. A load cell in the Demag Hoist is read into our Crane Sentry® controller. Operators are permitted to use the hoist throughout the span.

However, when the load exceeds a user-specified amount in a region of the span, trolley motion is disabled. Conversely, if the trolley is in the no-fly zone and the load increases past the safe limit, trolley movement and hoisting will both be disabled.

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