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Crane Sentry® Zone Manager Series

Crane Sentry® Zone Management

The Crane Sentry® Zone Manager Series models allow for the creation of up-to 8 no-fly zones in 2-axes.

Why Crane Sentry® Zone Manager Series?

  • Restricted zoning/no fly zones
  • Dedicated relay outputs for bridge and trolley motion; slow and stop
  • I/O communications with machinery and processes below in the crane bay
  • Allow for up to 8 restricted zones
  • Considered a “field mod” for crane dealers, as it is easily retrofitted to existing cranes
  • Remote access capability from a smartphone or tablet (optional) in addition to the physical controller built-in on board
View Crane Sentry® Zone Manager II Product Overview

What They’re Saying

“The programming features are by far the easiest I’ve seen for this type of system.

Our customer immediately saw the value in the system and placed one on each crane that operates in close proximity to their presses. All in all I think it’s the best system on the market if you need zone management on your crane!”

Chris Hamrick, CEO of Protek Crane Solutions LLC

Crane Sentry Zone Manager