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Experience Easy Level Detection with Dimetix Laser Sensors

In many industrial applications, accurately detecting or monitoring liquid levels can be a challenge. This is especially true when working with hazardous environments or opaque materials – traditional solutions may not be suitable for these demanding conditions.

However, there’s a reliable and versatile solution: Dimetix laser sensors. These non-contact laser sensors excel at level control tasks thanks to their unique capabilities and rugged design.

Precise Measurement, Unmatched Versatility

Dimetix laser sensors utilize the power of light to deliver accurate, non-contact measurements. This makes them ideal for situations where physical contact with the target material is undesirable or even dangerous. Their durability allows them to thrive in a wide range of environments, from factories to outdoor settings.

Let’s explore a real-world example: An automotive casting company needed to monitor the level of liquefied aluminum in their vats without coming into contact with the liquid. This was crucial to ensure smooth operation and product quality.

When they asked us for help, we set up a strategically mounted Dimetix laser sensor positioned at an angle above the vats. Enclosed for protection, the sensor precisely measured the liquid aluminum level without disrupting production.

Achieve Level Control in a Variety of Industries

The benefits of Dimetix lasers extend far beyond the automotive industry. In the metals industry, for instance, these sensors can be used to monitor red-hot steel traveling down a caster line. Protective cooling enclosures shield the sensor from the extreme heat, ensuring reliable operation.

But the applications we mentioned above are only two examples of how Dimetix lasers can be used as a laser depth gauge. If you’re looking for a reliable solution for your specific application, contact our team today to get started.